Case Study: Marketing Strategy of Cadbury - Updated in 2023 | IIDE (2023)

The marketing strategy of Cadbury has helped the brand create such a place in the hearts of Indian customers that the first thing that comes to our minds when someone says “chocolate” is “Cadbury”.

A certain class of Indians does not even say the word “chocolate”, they’d say “Would you like to have a Cadbury?” Such has been the influence of Cadbury on its consumers’ minds.

Let us start the Cadbury case study and know a little more about Cadbury.

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About Cadbury India

Target Audience of Cadbury

Digital Marketing Strategy of Cadbury

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Cadbury’s Social Media Marketing Overview

Marketing and Advertising Campaigns of Cadbury

Pain Points

1. Twitter

2. Instagram

3. Website


About Cadbury India

Case Study: Marketing Strategy of Cadbury - Updated in 2023 | IIDE (1)

Cadbury was established by John Cadbury in 1824 in Birmingham, England. Later, In 2010, it was acquired by Kraft Foods and is currently managed by Mondelez International.

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Cadbury India was established in 1948 in India and is currently headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Its headquarters in Mumbai is popularly also called “Cadbury House”.

At present, Cadbury India operates in five categories – chocolate confectionery, beverages, and biscuits. Its popular products include Dairy Milk, Oreo, Tang, Bournvita, etc. The company has also tied up with Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), another FMCG giant in India to produce collaborated products such as Kwality Walls Cornetto Oreo, and Kwality Wall gems.

The company has evolved over the years in India and has included an array of quality products that have helped the company target loyal customers. So, let us understand its target audience by assessing it further in the coming section.

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Brands of Cadbury

The company has evolved over the years in India and has included an array of quality products that have helped the company target loyal customers. So, let us understand its target audience by assessing it further in the coming section.

Target Audience of Cadbury

Cadbury India’s segmentation of its products has been a mix of several factors. Consumers from every stratum of society are enjoying Cadbury products.

Cadbury Bournvita, for example, has been positioned as a must-have for growing children and has been targeted to the parents of small children between the age of 2-8 years old. These days Bournvita is also quite popular among millennials. It is an affordable product and can be purchased by any income class.

Whereas, Cadbury Temptations and Bournville are premium chocolates that can be afforded by higher-income consumers. Dairy Milk Silk has been targeted at millennials and those who cannot resist chocolates.

So let’s understand the target audience in a better way by comparing its product offerings to age-wise demographics.

Age-wise breakdown of Cadbury India’s offerings
AgeProduct offerings
KidsDairy Milk, Bournvita, 5 Star, Fuse, Tang
MillennialsSilk, Celebrations, Ice Creams
AdultsBournville, Temptation, Celebrations, Ice Creams

The above table summarizes how Cadbury India has placed its offerings toward various age segments. Now let us go through what are the steps undertaken by Cadbury India which have helped them market these products and become one of the finest brands in India.

Digital Marketing Strategy of Cadbury

Cadbury has been around for a long time. As one of the leading confectionery companies in the world, it has managed to create innovative ways to market its products.

In this section, we would go through popular Cadbury Digital Marketing campaigns such as Dairy Milk’s advertising campaigns, Oreo’s campaign, and other strategies which have helped them stay relevant in the minds of consumers. From its social media marketing outlook, and its marketing campaigns to places where they can improve, all bases will be covered.

So Let’s start with Cadbury India’s Social Media strategy.

Cadbury’s Social Media Marketing Overview

Cadbury India has separate social media profiles for its various brands. This also helps them promote their brands effectively. Let us first now understand Cadbury India’s social media presence by looking at the number of followers for its different brands across Facebook and Instagram.

1. Facebook and Instagram

Cadbury India’s Popular Brands on Facebook and Instagram
BrandInstagram FollowersFacebook Followers
Dairy Milk Silk174K5.9M

From the above table, we can infer that Cadbury has a relatively more audience on Facebook than it has on Instagram. However, all the posts shared on Facebook and Instagram is moreover similar.

2. Cadbury’s Brands on Youtube

Cadbury India uses Youtube as its primary medium for campaigning its marketing activities. It has separate channels for its various brands and is updated regularly. So let’s now take a glimpse at the overall subscriber count of their brands on Youtube.

Cadbury India’s Popular Brands on Youtube
BrandSubscribers Count
Dairy Milk684K
Dairy Milk Silk428K

Now that you have an overview of how it fares on Youtube and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Let us go through some of the most memorable Cadbury marketing campaigns in the coming section.

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Marketing and Advertising Campaigns of Cadbury

We all know for a fact that Cadbury India is one such company in India that creates a lot of news and talks for its unique and successful marketing campaigns.

In the section below, we would go through some of Cadbury’s marketing and advertising campaigns which have left a lasting impact on their branding and sales as well as creating a strong presence in the mind of consumers.

So let’s start with Cadbury India’s most recent campaign first.

1. Stay Home Stay Safe: At Home with Oreo – A Cadbury Oreo Campaign

Cadbury’s biscuit brand Oreo launched a very smart campaign that goes in sync with the current situation we are in: Staying at home.

Oreo launched a campaign called #AtHomewithOreo targeting children. The campaign encourages playfulness among children amid these uncertain times. The slogan of the campaign is ‘Make Way For Play’. Perfect use of the current situation, isn’t it?

Let’s look at this Video uploaded by Oreo India below,

Case Study: Marketing Strategy of Cadbury - Updated in 2023 | IIDE (3)

2. A Lovely Campaign: How Far Will You Go For Love? – A Dairy Milk Campaign

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk is primarily targeted at millennials. However, Dairy Milk Silk has been a hit among teenagers, and launching this campaign for Valentine’s Day was a brilliant move!

The message in this campaign was as simple as this, “This Valentine’s Day, how far will you go for love?” with the hashtag #PopYourHeartOut. The brand also roped in a very famous actor and youth icon, Kartik Aryan, to do promotions for the campaign.

Case Study: Marketing Strategy of Cadbury - Updated in 2023 | IIDE (4)

Case Study: Marketing Strategy of Cadbury - Updated in 2023 | IIDE (5)

3. A Heart-Touching Campaign: Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye – A Dairy Milk Campaign

In India, people have a lot of faith in customs and traditions, especially when they’re about to start something new on an auspicious occasion.

Cadbury Dairy Milk launched this campaign called “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye” in which Cadbury India positioned Dairy Milk as a sweet that could be consumed during the happy moments in our happening lives.

Cadbury India showed people belonging to all age groups, celebrating big and small moments of their lives, connecting with people, and making special moments even more special with Cadbury Dairy Milk. The campaign is still remembered with much nostalgia and it was also previously endorsed by legendary Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan.

This advertisement perfectly portrays the idea of “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye”

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Case Study: Marketing Strategy of Cadbury - Updated in 2023 | IIDE (6)

Case Study: Marketing Strategy of Cadbury - Updated in 2023 | IIDE (7)

These were some of the most memorable campaigns of Cadbury India which cemented a strong brand connection and trust that is visible in its balance sheet to this date.

Now that we understand the marketing aspects of Cadbury’s social media. Let us now talk about a few aspects where Cadbury India has to work out to have an overall better digital presence just like a few of its competitors have.

Pain Points

Cadbury India is one of India’s biggest and most loved brands. It has created some of the most remembered campaigns for Indian audiences. It is also one of those brands that have a very strong offline presence.

However, the digital presence of Cadbury India is something that it should work out on about as much as its competitors do.

To begin with, Cadbury India’s digital presence is much lesser as compared to its competitors.

1. Twitter

Cadbury’s Twitter page has 8600 followers at the time of writing this article which is much lesser than its nearest competitor Nestle who has 1.4 million followers. It is also yet to create its Twitter handles for its popular Bournvita, Gems, etc.

2. Instagram

It should also have to work on increasing its followers base on Instagram as it’s popular among teenagers of this generation. The engagement ratio is way less than most of its competitors.

3. Website

It doesn’t have a website with its domain name. It only has a section on its parent company’s website, Mondelez International. The website also needs to be optimized so that it gets the first spot on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Popular brands such as Dairy Milk, and Oreo don’t have websites as well. A separate website for the brand makes it easier for people to know more about the products and also increases transparency between the company and the audience.

These are some of the places we found that Cadbury India has to improve to rival its competitors on the digital front.

With this, our case study on Cadbury India comes to an end. Let us go through the final points in the next section.

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Being an old-school chocolate brand in the sugar-free era, Cadbury has always been successful in its offline campaigns with its engaging and relevant campaigns that have been a hit in the past, and the impact of that can be seen in the present as well.

It has also used online strategies to its advantage up to the extent there is still room for improvement. Once it successfully utilizes digital fronts to their full potential, it will be able to create a very healthy overall presence. Only time will tell how it works upon its weaknesses and competes for its fair share of the market.

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How has Cadbury responded to changes in the market? ›

How Cadbury Has Responded To Changes In The Market? Please accept my invitation to subscribe. Due to inflation, Cadbury has admitted to reducing the size of Dairy Milk bars. Since being founded in Birmingham in 1858, the company has been forced to reduce the size of its chocolate bars due to rising costs.

What is the 4p of marketing for Cadbury? ›

The Marketing Mix of Cadbury includes 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

Which advertising helped Cadbury regain its market share after brand crisis? ›

Ad Campaign:

From the month January to March 2004, Cadbury came up with a strong Ad campaign which helped them to get back the consumer confidence. During this period Advertising expenses went up by 15% but it really helped Cadbury to get back its reputation.

What are Cadbury's top 4 biggest markets? ›

Cadbury products are widely distributed and are sold in many countries, the main markets being the United Kingdom and Isle of Man, Ireland, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States.

What strategy did Cadbury adopt to manage crisis? ›

One of the key elements of Cadbury's crisis management strategy was consumer education. Under Project Vishwas, it engaged with over 1,90,000 retailers that sold its products. The company proactively underscored Cadbury's health conscious identity, and invited people to come and see its factories.

What problem is Cadbury facing? ›

Problems Faced by Cadbury:

FDA Commissioner Uttam Khobragade came up with a statement saying “It was presumed that worms got into it at the storage level, but then what about the packing – packaging was not proper or airtight, either ways it's a manufacturing defect with unhygienic conditions or improper packaging.”

What is cadburys biggest weakness and why? ›

Cadbury weaknesses

What makes Cadbury weak, from one aspect, is its limited product range. Although customers enjoy a variety of confectionery products, the company could expand its operations into developing and manufacturing other products, for example, food and beverages.

What gives Cadbury a competitive advantage? ›

Cadbury has maintained an effective distribution and brand equity to provide its products to its clients. This product is available from the stores and the effective distribution channel creates the competitive edge and its reach to the market to provide the products.

How does Cadbury use digital marketing? ›

Cadbury's digital marketing strategies are creative and diverse and bind together harmoniously and effortlessly. Every product has a different profile, and each has its own marketing campaigns and strategies. However, they also ensure that each Cadbury product sits well with one other and doesn't seem out of place.

How does Cadbury use market segmentation? ›

Cadbury's marketing strategy involves market segmentation, which entails dividing its customers into groups based on their decision-making processes. Cadbury then markets specific products to these segments based on its analysis.

What type of market is Cadbury in? ›

It is the second largest confectionery brand in the world after Mars. Cadbury is internationally headquartered in Greater London, and operates in more than 50 countries worldwide. It is known for its Dairy Milk chocolate, the Creme Egg and Roses selection box, and many other confectionery products.

What is the new Cadbury ad about? ›

Created by VCCP London, the new film for Dairy Milk focuses on an exchange between a father and daughter. Set in a garage where the daughter is doing the nightshift and her dad is filling up his car, the spot uses few words to express a loving, if seemingly slightly complex, relationship.

Was the Kraft Cadbury merger successful? ›

Was the Kraft Cadbury takeover successful? It can be said that the Kraft Cadbury's takeover was successful despite its high debt of Kraft after the takeover, employee layoffs and the closing of some of its UK factories, the deal allowed Cadbury to expand into a global corporate.

Why did Cadbury stop fair trade? ›

Because this was a new and different way of working and the payments to farmers and additional investments don't work in the same way as Fairtrade certification – it was clear that the products must stop carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark on the front.

What are Cadbury strengths and weaknesses? ›

Cadbury's Strengths include its powerful brand, global presence, and wealthy parent company. On the other hand, Weaknesses included a product range confined to the confectionery space, numerous product recalls, and a lack of US rights.

What is Cadbury weakness? ›

Limited product range – In as much as Cadbury has a global presence, analysts have always criticized it for having a limited product range.

What are the top 3 markets for Cadbury? ›

The Rs 1,058-crore Indian subsidiary, along with the UK, US, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Russia and Turkey, now represents around 70% of Cadbury Schweppes' global revenues.

How does Cadbury impact negatively on the environment? ›

Studies show that the production of one litre of milk produces the equivalent of 900g of CO2. More than half of this is down to methane. The average cow emits between 80kg and 120kg of methane a year, equivalent to the annual carbon emissions from an average family car.

What are the factors that influence the demand for Cadbury? ›

Price of Cadbury products, price of complementary products affect the demand of Cadbury. The products has fairly inelastic demand curve which makes the company operate like a monopoly in the market.

Is Cadbury ethical or unethical? ›

The companies involved in this case include Nestlé, Mars, Hershey, and Mondelez. These parent companies own many popular chocolate brands, including Cadbury's, Milka, Aero, Galaxy, and Hershey's. Unsurprisingly, all of these brands are listed in the red section of our Ethical Chocolate table.

What makes cadburys unique? ›

“Crumb” gives the chocolate its unique flavour

The milk from Tasmania, sugar from Queensland, and cocoa from Ghana are mixed, roasted, dried and rolled to produce what is called “crumb”. Invented by George Cadbury in 1905, it's the base that gives all Cadbury products their flavour.

What is cadburys best selling product? ›

The British chocolate manufacturer Cadbury offers a wide range of products, from chocolate bars, cakes, desserts to biscuits. The most popular product the company offers is Dairy Milk, which was first introduced in 1905.

What is the positioning of Cadbury? ›

Cadbury came up with Cadbury Celebrations, which has all the varieties of chocolates in one single box. Not only does it cater for the variety, it also ensures the right packaging for the product to give it an outlook synonymous with that of a gift pack. Cadbury: All about that flawless brand positioning!

What are the 3 competitive advantages? ›

There are three main types of sustainable competitive advantage: differentiation, cost leadership, and focus advantage.

What is the core value of Cadbury? ›

Respect for other people, taking responsibility, winning as a team – all these things are core values for everybody. That's why I think people love to work at Cadbury.

What types of advertising does Cadbury use? ›

Promotion strategies of Cadbury

It uses Television, social media, radio, and print media to promote its products.

What is the advertising message of Cadbury? ›

Cadbury Dairy Milk has rolled out an all-new campaign that urges people to treat and embrace others' happiness and achievements with a big heart. Based on a simple thought, the latest film adds a new dimension to the generosity narrative and nudges people to be there for someone.

What social media platforms does Cadbury use? ›

Cadbury have a large following of nearly 4,000,000 on Google+, however they only post every couple of weeks and the recent content has been limited to their #freethejoy videos, also shared on Twitter and Facebook. There is no interaction with fans of the page through comments, like on the other platforms.

How does the logo play a part in Cadbury's target audience? ›

When John Cadbury set up the company, he believed chocolates have the power to make the world a better place. The brand's logo of glass & a half of milk signifies that each bar has that amount of milk in it. Cadbury also believes that the logo signifies generosity.

How much does Cadbury spend on advertising? ›

They spent under $100 million on advertising in digital and national TV in the last year. They invest in premium ad units and advertised on over 50 different Media Properties in the last year across multiple Media formats. Cadbury Dairy Milk last advertised a new product in February, 2022.

What is the current market share of Cadbury? ›

>12% average growth over 5 years
>11% market share
1 more row

How did Cadbury became successful? ›

The turning point for the Cadbury business was the introduction of a new processing technique, resulting in the 1866 launch of 'Cadbury Cocoa Essence', the UK's first unadulterated cocoa. Before Cocoa Essence, the cocoa Cadbury produced, like that of many other manufacturers, contained high levels of cocoa butter.

What are the 3 new Cadbury bars? ›

Cadbury launches three new chocolate bars at 91 calories each
  • Cadbury has launched a new chocolate bar range containing just 91 calories each.
  • The new Cadbury Delights come in three flavours: Salted Caramel, Hazelnut Flavour & Caramel and Orange & Caramel.
Jan 6, 2023

What does the girl say at the end of the Cadbury ad? ›

The final shot sees the girl say over the PA, “Love you, Dad.” Cadbury's strapline 'Glass and a half in everyone' is shown on the screen, which the brand explains as a nod to how people's generosity can be seen in small moments.

What are the 3 new Cadbury Flavours? ›

More than 300,000 people took part, with many providing answers from Turkish Delight and Rose to Bubble gum and Pear Drops. But, as it turns out, the first chocolate bar is officially Rhubarb and Custard, while the second is Blue Raspberry Slushie.

Why did Cadbury fail? ›

The brand suffered the worm controversy in 2003, due to which its reputation was blurred. In the same year, in Maharashtra, the product Cadbury Dairy Milk was filled with worms. Many instances of worms in the chocolates surfaced, dragging down the sales.

Why did Kraft want to takeover Cadbury? ›

Introduction. The year 2010 witnessed the most controversial takeover of the UK-based firm Cadbury by American giant Kraft Foods. Kraft wanted to acquire Cadbury to increase its global reach especially in emerging markets like India under the snack category.

Was the Cadbury takeover hostile? ›

Ten years ago, Kraft Foods Inc. launched a bitter battle to buy Britain's Cadbury Plc. The acquisition of the maker of Dairy Milk chocolate sparked a controversy about hostile foreign bidders and led to an overhaul of the U.K.'s takeover rules.

How does Cadbury impact society? ›

So every block of Cadbury Dairy Milk you buy helps to:

175,000 farmers have been trained in better ways to farm – so they can make as much cocoa as possible to keep farms prosperous, while still caring for the environment. Plant trees and protect the future of cocoa regions.

Why are Cadbury workers on strike? ›

“Cadbury workers are on strike today, to demand secure jobs and better pay and conditions. Some of these workers have been in insecure work for up to ten years.

Why is Cadbury an ethical company? ›


A philanthropist and anti-slavery campaigner himself, John Cadbury built his company on great ethical grounds, looking after its workforce and improving civil rights, and it is these same ethical values that remain at the heart of our company today.

Who are the target market for Cadburys? ›

Cadbury has no distinct segmentation based on religion, gender, education, or disposable income. There is some age targeting used, though their use of bright colours and emphasis on fun the brand is targeting younger age groups- children and teenagers.

What pricing strategy does Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate use? ›

Demand Based Pricing:Cadbury set their prices based on what they think the consumeris prepared to pay. By selling at the customer's price, they have a good reputation and anoutput of more customers. 5. Economy Pricing:Cadbury comes out with different variants of their main products toreach out to a large audience base.

Why is Cadbury so successful? ›

Its product range is vast, providing relevance throughout the calendar year, not just at key events like Easter and Christmas. With a heritage dating back nearly 200 years, Cadbury products are firm family favourites, from Dairy Milk and Double Deckers, to Roses and Creme Eggs.

What is unique about Cadbury? ›

The milk from Tasmania, sugar from Queensland, and cocoa from Ghana are mixed, roasted, dried and rolled to produce what is called “crumb”. Invented by George Cadbury in 1905, it's the base that gives all Cadbury products their flavour. 27,000 tonnes of crumb are produced each year.

What technology does Cadbury use? ›

Cadbury's innovation team is using 3D printing technology to create fast turn-around prototypes of new products.

What is Cadbury chocolate unique selling proposition? ›

About Cadbury's Dairy Milk
Cadbury's Dairy Milk Overview
SectorFood & Beverages
Tagline/ SloganThe 'Real Taste of Life' ; 'Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye' ;'Meethe mein kucch meetha ho jaye;
USPBiggest global brand name in the world of chocolates
5 more rows
Apr 29, 2020

How does cadburys use social media to increase its revenues? ›

For example : In Cadbury Dairy milk page they keep on engaging people by posting constant competitive events like describing the Dairy Milk in one word and so on. The winner receives a trip to the Cadbury factory, a year's supply of Dairy Milk and the chance to be the first to taste new products.


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