15+ Best Advantages of GPS System - Advantageslist (2023)

The advantages of GPS system are unlimited for most people who enjoy seeking help and traveling in a particular region of the world. GPS systems are safe and very helpful for traveling, especially for the person who is not well known in their own area.

Using GPS A person who has acquired the GPS receiver knows where they are and there is no uncertainty of travel. It is very easy and simple because it uses satellites to locate the user.

People who have got a GPS receiver know they are not far away from the location they want to be in. Let’s look at GPS technology advantages.

What is GPS Systems

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is satellite-based navigation that allows you to know your location and helps you find directions to where you want to go. Wherever in the world, you may be, a GPS is always with you the time.

List of Best Advantages of GPS System:

GPS trackers are very effective and helpful in different aspects of life. It is a very useful device because it helps you to know where you are and where to go.

If you want to travel, if you want to find directions, this is a very handy way of doing it with a GPS system. Below is the list of benefits of using GPS systems in our daily life.

1. Track A Location Easily

The GPS helps you to track your location in a very simple way. You can use the GPS to track your position where you want.

It is a very convenient device for those people who want to know their exact location and always want to be in the right place. There are several applications of GPS technologies such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp, etc.

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2. Monitoring

Through a satellite-based positioning system, we can monitor our surroundings with minimal effort. It makes the tracking device very accurate and helps us to know something about our surroundings.

3. Helpful in Geo-Tagging

GPS satellites help us get the exact location of the geographic location. Thus, we can get the exact position of our place on the earth. It is extremely useful for travelers, hikers, and other outdoor activities.

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4. Track Vehicles

A GPS-based vehicle tracking system allows you to track your cars, trucks, and other vehicles. It is very helpful because it allows you to see the real-time location of your vehicle on the computer.

5. Help in Severe Weather Event Occurring

These tracking devices are very helpful in cases of emergency or disaster. It can give you information about natural disasters or other emergencies that can happen in your area so that you can be prepared for them.

GPS map technology provides the latest weather alerts and urgent information about the weather depending on your area.

6. Helpful for the Search and Rescue

The Internet has a solid tracking system that helps people get more information about their surroundings.

They designed it to help people in search of rescue when they are in a crisis. For example, if you want to know the location of a critical accident or other problems, GPS trackers are very useful in this case.

7. Recover Stolen Devices

Through the use of GPS, people can keep track of their lost or stolen devices. Many insurance companies and other businesses use these systems to keep track of the location of their vehicles in case they are lost. The device’s location can be easily tracked through GPS devices.

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8. Route Planning

GPS tracking systems are very useful in route planning. These devices help people to plan their routes in terms of locations. It helps them to find the right way and get to their destinations. A business uses this technology to plan routes they do in their daily lives.

9. Traffic Monitoring

Vehicles have GPS devices built into them. Highways authorities can track the speed of vehicles on the road easily. It helps them to monitor traffic in a very efficient way. Wrong turns, speed, accidents, and some other problems can be tracked through a global positioning system.

10. Personal Data Tracking

Devices that can track information about us surround us. Many people are more concerned about their personal information, health, and credit history.

The GPS systems help you track this information easily and make sure that you are safe and protected from any hidden dangers.

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11. Military Use

GPS devices are also used in military operations. It provides military personnel with information about their location and coordinates. They can use it to find their exact locations on the battlefield. It has also reduced the collateral damage because of the use of GPS systems.

12. Marketing Application

Most people use GPS trackers for marketing. It is a great way to find potential customers for different companies. It allows you to find the right location for potential customers who are interested in a certain product or service.

13. Strong navigational systems

GPS system provides strong navigation systems. It is very easy to track the longitude and latitude of your location. It allows you to know the place where you are going.

It also helps you to know the true map coordinates of your location so that you can reach your destination easily.

14. Real-Time Edit

Real-time editing is available for some GPS tracking systems. They allow you to locate your position in real-time. It makes it easy to find your location with no confusion. Real-time edit helps you know the exact longitude and latitude of your current position.

15. longitude, latitude, and altitude information

GPS gives you the longitude, latitude, and altitude information of your current position. It also enables you to plan a new route based on the current longitude of your location. GPS signal helps the user to optimize their route.

Global Positioning System Applications

Below are some applications of the GPS Tracking system

  • In aviation, aviation rescue, and firefighting, they can track aircraft’s position and help pilots to avoid collisions.
  • Mariners or sailors on board ships can get information about their current location accurately, which is very helpful for navigation.
  • In the military, it can help the military personnel to know their exact location, which is very helpful for navigating.
  • Police and law enforcement agencies can also use it to achieve the goal that they want to achieve.
  • Financial institutes can use GPS to track the vehicles of their customers, which helps them to make the right decisions related to their assets.
  • Someone who needs real-time information about their location can use this technology to provide them with essential information like weather and traffic.
  • Using GPS can manage road transport and social activities


The United States Department of Defense invented and developed the Global Positioning System in 1973. Roger L. Easton, an engineer from the US Air Force, was the man who took these ideas and create a place-finding system for aircraft.
Roger L. Easton of the Naval Research Laboratory, Ivan A. Getting of The Aerospace Corporation, and Bradford Parkinson of the Applied Physics Laboratory are credited with inventing it

GPS satellites send out transmissions to earth. A GPS receiver that sits on earth received the signals that are transmitted from the satellites.

These signals travel from the receivers to antennas, which relay the signals to receivers in cars. We consider the car being the “receiver”.

Global Positioning System is the full form of GPS. It is a satellite navigation system, which is widely used for navigation across the globe.

There are 31 active GPS satellites in orbit. Some GPS are BeiDou / BDS (China) Galileo (Europe)GLONASS (Russia) IRNSS / NavIC (India)

Final Words

We are living in a period where innovation is going on and we are more dependable on technology for our achievement. GPS tracking systems have changed the way people travel across the globe. It provides a real-time location of your current position on earth.

The Internet revolutionized the world; it helps students, businesses, society, etc. GPS is one of them. GPS advantages we discussed above. Information about GPS, how it works, how it is made etc. is provided on the internet.

If you want to learn more advantages of GPS systems, then you can leave your comment below.
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What are the pros and cons of GPS? ›

So for this article, we've listed down the pros and cons of GPS tracking, starting with:
  • Pro: Worldwide accessibility. ...
  • Con: Privacy issues. ...
  • Pro: Independent operation. ...
  • Con: Accuracy concerns. ...
  • Pro: Improved productivity rate. ...
  • Con: Battery-dependent. ...
  • Outlook – GPS Tracking.

What is the advantage of GPS data? ›

Perhaps the most common use for GPS is in navigation systems. Combined with map technology, it becomes a powerful tool for road vehicles and boats. GPS can pinpoint a device's location with accuracy and by comparing coordinates, the statistics can be used to calculate a device's direction of movement and speed.

What are 8 practical uses for GPS? ›

The Different Uses of GPS Trackers
  • Locating Positions. This is the main and most common application of GPS—tracking locations. ...
  • Easy Access to Emergency Road Side Support. ...
  • Preventing Car Theft. ...
  • Mapping and Surveying. ...
  • Tracking for Law Enforcement. ...
  • Locating Your Pets. ...
  • Keeping Watch on Elderly People. ...
  • Finding Treasure.
Jun 13, 2016

What are the benefits of GPS 3? ›

It was designed to provide better accuracy and reliability than previous generations of GPS satellites. It is also much more durable than its predecessors, as it is deemed to have about 15 years of design life. GPS 3 has demonstrated improved anti-jamming capabilities and also, reduces attenuation.

What are the 4 components of GPS? ›

GPS is made of three components namely, satellites, ground stations, and receivers.

Why is GPS better than a map? ›

The latest GPS units have a much longer battery life. You can collect and share data along your chosen route, which means you can receive up-to-the-minute accurate updates about changes in everything from path closures to detailed weather reports – something a printed map could never offer.

What are the advantages of GPS in aviation? ›

Because of its accurate and continuous location information, GPS will offer direct and flexible departure routed, ease congestion, and save time and fuel while maintaining high levels of safety. Control and navigation of aircraft over land must rely on the use of ground hardware.

What are the advantages of GPS tracking in sport? ›

Reduce the risk of injury

With metrics from their GPS performance monitoring system, coaches are able to use benchmarks they've established to determine when athletes are at a higher risk of injury. They can then tailor rest or training based on the athlete's specific needs, and even prevent injuries before they occur.

What are the advantages of GPS over total station? ›

GPS can measure base lines for high accuracy, it controls points without any line of sight requirement. Since Total Stations works on the principle of signal reflection line of sight must be there between Total Station and Prism reflector. This makes GPS more effective tool for control points establishment.

What are the advantages of GPS in civil engineering? ›

GPS signatures provide coordinates pinpointing the exact location of a given subject. This location tracking, which works offline as well, can help create a record of where project workers and equipment are at any given time, and enables a wealth of time and money-saving capabilities.


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