11 Benefits Of A Dash Cam With Fleet Gps Tracking (2023)

Whether it’s to source supplies or deliver products on time, well-maintained transport systems are critical to businesses. Powerful technological advancements have now made managing fleets and tracking their drivers’ conduct easier than ever before. This article aims to explore the synergistic benefits of a fleet dash cam with a GPS tracking system with intelligent sensors.

Features of Fleet Management and Tracking Systems

Tracking vehicles goes beyond checking for locations. State-of-the-art technologies now offer many sophisticated features for commercial vehicle tracking and driver monitoring to allow us powerful fleet management. Some of the most common features of fleet management and tracking systems are explored below.

1. Multi-Camera Systems

Advanced solutions now allow an almost 360° view from the vehicle, making sure to capture data continuously. Though the usefulness of front-facing cameras is undebatable, the importance of an in-cab camera is now being highlighted as well. The outward-facing cameras track lane departures, following distances, and collisions while a camera facing towards the driver monitors the driver’s fatigue level and drowsiness.Accidents can be stopped in their tracks as both drivers and fleet managers are notified of risky practices. Dangerous practices like not wearing a seatbelt, using a cell phone, smoking, or consuming alcohol will also be reduced when drivers know they are being recorded. In the case of the occurrence of an incident, the data 10 seconds before and after the incident is sent to the cloud for immediate viewing after specific sensors are triggered.

2. Intelligent Sensors

Fleet monitoring systems now come with inbuilt intelligent sensors that use camera and motion input to recognize fatigue, distraction, and recklessness. Audible in-cab alerts call the driver back to focus when such behavior is detected, and fleet managers receive notifications. Tracking driver behavior further helps with driver coaching and enables you to demonstrate to them precisely what they need to work upon.

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3. Cloud Storage

Past incidents can come to light anytime, so it is necessary to have access to evidence-based records that date back to a reasonable length of time. In addition, having access to videos further helps managers to maintain performance records and review and adjust internal training. High-quality videos can also aid you in improving the general training of your drivers by enabling you to provide them with analyses of poor and exemplary driving videos.

4. Tracking

GPS tracking systems are gaining popularity amongst fleets because they streamline fleet management significantly. Advanced GPS systems enable real-time and historical tracking of vehicle movements. It allows fleet managers to assign vehicles to jobs depending on their proximity to the service area, effectively increasing the speed of their services.Real-time location tracking can let managers check for the exact locations of their fleet’s members to make sure everyone is at authorized places. This supervision tellingly mitigates chances of idling, exploiting vehicles for personal use, and fraud. On the other hand, having access to historical data allows analysis of past routes, further allowing oversight over vehicle movements and identifying the most efficient routes for the fleet.

5. Recording Driver Time

Driving times can be tracked and recorded to manage drivers’ on-duty status through GPS systems. Moreover, GPS can confirm the arrival time at customer sites, and automated reporting can be used to eliminate the need to maintain driving logs manually.

Benefits of A Dash Cam with Fleet GPS Tracking

The features of such solutions are game-changing in managing transport systems. The benefits a dash cam with fleet GPS tracking offers can further let you derive cost and time savings, effectively improving the efficiency of your operations. Let’s analyze these systems for the benefits of a dash cam for fleet vehicles.

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1. Enhanced Driver Safety

Ensuring safe working conditions for employees must be among the top priorities of businesses. Fleet dash camera systems ascertain the safety of your drivers in several ways. As smart in-cab cameras recognize signs of exhaustion and launch audible alerts, your driver can be called back to focus to either pull up or rest or inform you of their condition and get off duty for the day. Having a 360-degree record of the surroundings further ensures that you can protect your drivers with solid evidence in case of wrongful accusations made by other parties after accidents. This lets your company prove its dedication to its values.

2. Improved Vehicle Safety

As drivers can be expected to stay alert when they know they are being monitored, they will avoid reckless behavior and drive safer, effectively decreasing the chances of inflicting excessive wear and tear on your fleet vehicles. In addition, the improved training you will be able to provide them after having access to driving footage will also ensure that your drivers drive most safely, further reducing the risk of damage to the vehicles.

3. Reduced Idle Time

GPS tracking and live footage monitoring let you keep a close eye on the movement of vehicles; drivers realize this and avoid idling. It ensures increased productivity and speeds up delivery processes, allowing you to ensure faster service and cut labor costs associated with extra time spent on the job.

4. Enabling Efficient Routing

Efficiency in operations is key to the profitable working of a business. Having the location of each of your fleet’s vehicles integrated within maps lets you choose the quickest and safest routes for standard routine operations. You can further ensure that your employees follow the shortest routes on their own as well. All this allows substantial time savings by speeding up the process and cost savings by reducing fuel, labor time, and vehicle wear and tear.

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5. Improved Customer Service

Having drivers under monitoring lets them be on their best behavior. This, combined with fast service through efficient routing and a maintained record of the time of arrival at customer sites, ensures that your customer service stays on top. In addition, any complaints made by customers can be analyzed against video evidence as well, allowing proper measures to be taken quickly to make up for the wronged party.

6. Decreased Risks of Fraud

Monitoring keeps fraudsters on their toes. Increased driver accountability enabled by constant surveillance and historical record maintenance will fortify your business against fraudulent activities. A business can eliminate the risk of activities like scammer attempts of crashing against commercial vehicles on purpose to get money out of lawsuits against large corporations entirely as well.

7. Quick Response to Vehicles Breaking Down

As GPS integrated systems will allow you to have your vehicles’ exact location, you can dispatch technical help as soon as the driver requests mechanical or technical assistance. Along with saving time and helping with quick deliveries to customers, this feature lets you ensure that your drivers do not get stranded in inhospitable landscapes, allowing you to strengthen further the security you provide to your employees.

8. Ease of Driver Training and Performance Tracking

Automated systems let you track performances easily, down to minute drivers’ habits that need correction. However, drivers themselves can discover areas of self-improvement through features such as post-incident analysis. In addition, other than providing recorded data, specific advanced systems can further be programmed to show the maximum speed attained by individual drivers, the number of drivers idling for longer than a specified period, etc. These reports can be received through email the next day, allowing you an advanced oversight over your operations.

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9. Insurance Facilitation

Insurance providers will likely offer discounted packages if you have fleet dash camera systems installed: they recognize the savings obtained from fraud and risk mitigation. This technology can further let you process your insurance swiftly in case of accidents. As insurance claims need strong evidence for their processing to begin, having videos of accidents can get your claims approved and processed without unnecessary delays.

10. Ease of Defense Against Unfair Charges

Large vehicles are hard to control. Due to this size of fleet vehicles, companies usually have to face an intense defense in case of accidents, even if their fleet vehicle was not the one at fault. Having access to footage of incidents can enable legal battles to get sorted out swiftly, eliminating the chances of paying unfair fines.

11. Safer Community

When you hold your fleet to a high standard of safe driving, you ultimately ensure that no one across communities gets harmed. By ensuring accountability in your business’s operations, you play your part in making your surroundings safer and healthier.


It can be clearly inferred that integrating technology into fleet management enables better performance. For example, research conducted on 1,200 U.S. mobile-business professionals revealed that 45% of them started receiving positive returns on their investment in less than eleven months after employing fleet management solutions.The substantial cost and time savings such solutions enable can let you make your business as efficient as possible. Such advantages are necessary to ensure survival in today’s increasingly competitive markets, so you should not delay investing in sophisticated vehicle monitoring systems.

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What are the benefits of fleet cameras? ›

Accurate Video Footage

Dashboard cameras provide accurate footage of accidents, which can possibly support drivers who are blamed for a crash and help them disprove faulty claims. Having accident evidence and the ability to quickly process insurance claims are two essential benefits of having fleet dash cams.

What are the benefits of GPS dash cam? ›

They offer the ability to monitor roads and provide dash cam video evidence in the event of an accident, while also recording the actions of the driver simultaneously.

What is a fleet dash cam? ›

A fleet dashboard camera, also called a fleet dash camera, is a camera that can be attached inside a vehicle to record what happens when it's on the road. Dash cameras can be both road and driver-facing.

Should you get a dash cam with GPS? ›

While GPS is not required in a dash cam, it can help you to provide useful information when you must share the footage with the police or an insurance company. When you are trying to prove that you were not at fault, it will identify speed limit signs and the speed you were traveling before impact.

What are the benefits of cameras in trucks? ›

Benefits of dash cameras for trucks

Dash cams in trucks can give safety and fleet managers more visibility into overall fleet safety. Integrating dash cam video with fleet management software gives managers insight into driver behaviors such as hard braking, hard cornering, rapid acceleration, or speeding.

What are the benefits of smart fleet management? ›

Smart fleet management systems are also able to plan routes competently, and this is one more way to cut costs, optimize your business, and be eco-friendly because of reasonable fuel consumption.

What are the pros and cons of having a dash cam? ›

Summary: Pros and cons of dashcams at a glance
Pros of dashcamsCons of dashcams
Can be more reliable than third party witnessesCan be one-sided and not accurately depict the whole story if something is out of the camera's view
Can prevent fraud as the rise of “staged” collisions riseDashcams are banned in some countries
6 more rows

What is the purpose of GPS in camera? ›

GPS devices detect these signals and use them to triangulate their position, heading, speed, altitude and other information. This location information can be embedded in an image to show the photographer where the camera was when the photo was taken.

What features do I want in a dash cam? ›

Here are some factors you need to consider before buying one.
  • Field of View (FOV) One of the first things you should consider is how wide the dashcam can see. ...
  • Number of Cameras. ...
  • Video Resolution and Quality. ...
  • Audio Recording Option. ...
  • Storage Capacity. ...
  • Mounting and Placement. ...
  • Transferring Files. ...
  • Longevity.
Feb 17, 2022

What does dash cam with GPS mean? ›

The GPS feature in the dashboard camera is a satellite navigation system. It enables the dashcam to detect the location and speed of your vehicle along with recording footage. The GPS data synchronizes with the footage when played in the GPS player, letting you view the place on the map.

What is the downside of dashcam? ›

Can be a Distraction. Dashcams could be a distraction for some drivers. Whether just by looking at it too much while you are driving or reaching to fiddle with it while you are on the road, any attention diverted away from driving and onto the camera is a danger.

Can Dashcams be used against you? ›

Dash cam video — as long as it is recorded in a public place, is relevant to the case, and can be authenticated (meaning that it can be proved that the footage is from your camera and recorded at the time of the incident) — is nearly always admissible in court.

Do I have to tell cops I have dash cam? ›

You may choose to show it to them, or you may choose not to. But if the incident results in a legal claim, it could be subject to a search warrant or subpoena. If the police believe your camera has recorded a crime and a search warrant or subpoena is issued, you will have no choice but to provide the footage.

Can a dash cam be viewed remotely? ›

Connect to your BlackVue dash cam anytime, from anywhere, and check on your car with Remote Live View. Play recorded video clips remotely and back-up important ones to the Cloud or your phone. Monitor progress and access location data, GPS logs and Driving Reports courtesy of the realtime Live Tracking feature.

Do dash cameras record when the car is off? ›

Most dash cams get their power from your car's cigarette lighter port. This isn't active when your car's not running. So most dash cams don't work when your car is off. However, you can buy dash cams that offer round-the-clock protection.

Do truck cameras record when truck is off? ›

Dash cameras are designed to record all the time when your car is powered on. Many cameras allow you to turn the power on or off manually, but most power up immediately and begin working as soon as they are plugged into a 12V power source or hardwired into the car's fuse box.

Do truck cameras work when truck is off? ›

Dash cams typically turn on and off in response to the engine's behavior. However, drivers can turn them off while the truck is parked, acting as a surveillance system for the vehicle.

Do truck cameras record audio? ›

Let's get it out of the way – Yes, dashcams record audio. They do. And it can be a problem. This may vary from state to state, but eavesdropping is punishable by law so you should be careful.

What is GPS fleet management? ›

The term “GPS fleet management” refers to fleet management software that uses telematics and GPS fleet tracking technologies. In order to understand what GPS fleet management is, it's important to be familiar with its components—GPS, telematics, GPS fleet tracking, and fleet management software.

What is the most important aspect of fleet management? ›

Data analysis is one of the most important aspects of fleet management. A reliable fleet management software offers detailed information regarding your vehicles' so you can see where improvements need to be made. This can help improve fuel management and the efficiency of your fleet.

What is the importance of fleet data? ›

It provides the information necessary to make informed driver performance, fuel consumption, and fleet maintenance decisions. This information can help fleet managers to optimize operations, improve driver safety, lower costs, and increase their bottom line.

Do dashcams lower car insurance? ›

Just like black box telematics, dash cams could help improve road safety. This in turn could help to lower your insurance premiums. But you need to be careful that your dash cam, and the way you use it, meets the insurance provider's terms and conditions. Not all insurance providers offer dash cam insurance discounts.

Do Dashcams drain car battery? ›

Does a dash cam drain a car battery? Dash cams don't actually require a lot of power! Your vehicle's battery is massive, and the power that your dash cam needs is minimal in comparison. So don't worry about your dash cam draining your battery.

Why does a dash cam need wifi? ›

The Wi-Fi feature allows a smartphone to be paired to the dash cams. Unlike a regular Wi-Fi network signal that gives you internet access, the purpose here is just to connect the dash cam and smartphone together.

What can GPS tracking be used for? ›

The device then provides information about its exact location and subsequent movements, enabling tracking in real-time. A GPS tracking device can be used by fleet managers to locate where a truck or asset is on its route, report on traffic conditions, and monitor how long each vehicle spends at a jobsite.

What is the purpose of GPS tracking? ›

GPS tracking is the process of using a navigation device to monitor the location of a person or object. In business, companies use it to track assets of value. Businesses implement transportation management systems (TMS) to organize the transportation assets and valuables they monitor.

What can GPS allow you to do? ›

What are the uses of GPS?
  • Location — Determining a position.
  • Navigation — Getting from one location to another.
  • Tracking — Monitoring object or personal movement.
  • Mapping — Creating maps of the world.
  • Timing — Making it possible to take precise time measurements.
May 22, 2020

What is the #1 dash cam? ›

Best dash cam overall

The Vantrue N2 Pro is an excellent dash cam for new drivers as well as drivers looking to upgrade their current dash cam setup. It features a front-facing camera and an interior-facing camera, so you can record both the road and passengers as you drive.

How much should you spend on a dash cam? ›

How Much Does a Good Dash Cam Cost? A good quality dash cam price will typically run between $100 and $400.

Can a dash cam record while parked? ›

A dash cam has various desirable qualities, the biggest being that it can record what is happening around it, both when in motion and when parked. The evidence recorded on a dash cam can be used as evidence in police investigations and court cases and has frequently been what has decided the outcome.

Where to place dash cam GPS? ›

Generally, the best dash-cam placement spot is high on the windscreen and just below the rear-view mirror. This allows an uninterrupted view upfront and, for multi-camera dash cams, provides a great angle inside and/or behind the vehicle.

How does dash cam detect parking mode? ›

Parking Mode monitors your car's surroundings while the car is parked and the engine is not running. It automatically begins saving to the microSD memory card when the external-facing camera detects motion, either visually or physically with its built-in motion detector.

Can you have a GPS on your dashboard? ›

Most states allow drivers to mount a GPS device inside their car as long as it doesn't get in the way of their ability to drive safely. The best place to put GPS in car would be on the left and lower side of your dashboard so it doesn't obstruct your view.

Is it worth installing Dashcam? ›

Front and back view (or front and rear) dash cams record the view in front and behind your car. Many accidents on the road happen at low speeds and involve rear-end collisions. Investing in dash cams that offer both views could be worth the extra spend in case you're involved in an accident.

Can the cops seize dash cam? ›

Police have the right to seize evidence, including dash cam footage, at the scene of an accident under exigent circumstances. An exigent circumstance is one in which a reasonable officer would believe immediate action is required to prevent the destruction of relevant evidence.

Can police turn off their dash cam? ›

(See our article on how to get MVARS from the CHP). The camera itself faces forward at all times and it is continuously on. MVARS save a video as soon as an officer turns on his vehicle's emergency lights. A police officer is not allowed to turn off a dash cam.

Do dash cam videos hold up in court? ›

Most judges will allow for the use of dash cam footage as long as it is recorded in a public place. Furthermore, defendants must be able to show that the footage was recorded at the time of the incident in question.

How long does footage stay on dash cam? ›

A Dash Cam can hold approximately up to two hours' worth of recording on a 16GB Micro SD card before it overwrites the oldest recordings. This is when the Dash Cam is set at 1080p HD to record at 30 frames per second. This will provide enough room to capture any incidents and help prove you were not at fault.

Can you get a dash cam that connects to your phone? ›

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Connectivity

Using Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy technology and wi-fi connectivity, your Nextbase Dash Cam can easily send the latest video files to your smartphone or tablet.

How do I make my dash cam always on? ›

Since dash cams don't utilize large built-in batteries, external power must somehow be supplied to the dash cam when the engine is turned off. This can be done by leaving the dash cam plugged in to an "always on" (a.k.a. constant power) outlet in the vehicle, if one is available.

Who benefits from security cameras? ›

Visible smart security cameras can often deter criminal activities, such as burglaries, theft, and vandalism. They can also assist law enforcement in identifying—and even apprehending—suspected perpetrators through cloud-based images and video stored within network video recorders (NVR).

What are the benefits of digital cameras? ›

Digital cameras are more convenient than film cameras, and since buying and developing film are not necessary, operating costs are lower. Also, a captured image can be instantly checked on the monitor and, if necessary, retaken.

What are the pros of driver facing cameras? ›

Driver-facing cameras can also help provide visual clarity around distracted driving behaviors—helping managers determine what negative behaviors are most pervasive within the fleet, take action to proactively correct them, and to help coach drivers.

What are the pros and cons of surveillance? ›

Let's look at the different pros and cons of public surveillance.
  • Pro: Increase Public Safety. ...
  • Pro: Reduce Crime Rate. ...
  • Pro: Helps Catch Criminals. ...
  • Pro: Provide Evidence & Gather Clues. ...
  • Pro: Convenience. ...
  • Con: Easily Abused. ...
  • Con: Doubts About Effectiveness. ...
  • Con: Expensive.
Oct 24, 2019

What are the benefits of surveillance? ›

Video surveillance cameras can improve an organization's workflow by identifying troublesome areas and helping to keep employees productive and engaged. Organizations have to ensure their employees' security and safety, whether they work remotely or in the office.

What is the most important thing in a digital camera? ›

Camera Lens

The lens is essentially the most crucial part of the camera. Photography is all about light, and the lens is what manipulates the light to allow us to create stunning photos.

What is the main purpose of the digital sensor in a camera? ›

The soul of a digital camera is its sensor—to determine image size, resolution, low-light performance, depth of field, dynamic range, lenses, and even the camera's physical size, the sensor is key.

What are two uses of a digital camera? ›

However, unlike film cameras, digital cameras can display images on a screen immediately after being recorded, and store and delete images from memory. Many digital cameras can also record moving videos with sound. Some digital cameras can crop and stitch pictures and perform other elementary image editing.

What is the purpose of DriveCam? ›

The innovative DriveCam® helps improve fleet safety by watching for risky driving behaviors on the road and in the vehicle.

Do truck cameras record all the time? ›

Do Dash Cameras Record All the Time? Dash cameras are designed to record all the time when your car is powered on. Many cameras allow you to turn the power on or off manually, but most power up immediately and begin working as soon as they are plugged into a 12V power source or hardwired into the car's fuse box.

What are the pros and cons of cameras on the roads? ›

The following are some of the pros and cons of speed cameras as they relate to driver safety.
  • Positive Effects (Pros) of Speed Cameras.
  • Situational compliance. ...
  • Random uncertainty. ...
  • Negatives (Cons) Related to Speed Cameras.
  • Slowed speeds. ...
  • False readings. ...
  • No evidence of improved safety. ...
  • No accuser.

What is the most important function of a security camera? ›

2. Monitoring Station. A monitor arguably facilitates the most important function of a security camera: viewing recorded images and footage. Deciding how many monitors you'll need is dependent upon what, and which area you are monitoring.

Is it better to have a security system or cameras? ›

A security system makes more sense than a CCTV system in most instances. But the choice is ultimately up to you. Just remember, a home security system allows you to take a proactive approach to your security but includes monthly costs for ongoing monitoring. A CCTV system is more reactive but saves you some money.

Do cameras improve security? ›

If you install a security camera, your home is 300 % safer from break-ins than a home without a camera.


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